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Description of Mirrorcle Tech Devices

MirrocleTech Micromirror Development Kit User Guides

Datasheets of Typical Dual-Axis Devices
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▪ Based on Bias Voltage 80V                                                                                             Examples (Mirror Size)

Actuator NameMirror TypeMechanical AngleDie Size (mm²)0.8 mm1.2 mm1.6 mm2.0 mm2.4 mm3.0 mm3.6 mm4.2 mm5.0 mm
  * Limited availability for select R&D projects only.

Packaging Options:

DIP24 packages are available in package-only form. All other packages are available in connectorized TinyPCB form. For more information about these options, please see this document, Mirrorcle MEMS Packages and Mounts Guide (PDF).

Options matching 4.2mm x 4.2mm actuators - DIP24-025, TINY20.4

Options matching 5.2mm x 5.2mm actuators - DIP24-025, TINY20.4

Options matching 7mm x 7mm actuators - DIP24-031, TINY48.4

Options matching 8mm x 8mm actuators - DIP24-038, TINY48.4



Available Window Types

Type A : Fused Silica (20/10), 0.5mm thick, 400nm – 675nm double-sided AR coating, AOI 22.5
Type B : Fused Silica (20/10), 0.5mm thick, 675nm – 1040nm double-sided AR coating, AOI 22.5
Type C : Fused Silica (20/10), 0.5mm thick, 1040nm – 1600nm double-sided AR coating, AOI 22.5
Customer Specific wavelengths and AOI available for quantities above 100 units.


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