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Mirrorcle Development Kit Features

  • USB-SL Development Kit: The easiest and fastest way to utilize Mirrorcle’s MEMS devices. It includes a controller, selected MEMS devices, optical breadboard and all necessary hard- and software to start immediately. Its plug-and-play design allows instant experimenting and concept demonstrations as well as development of your own hard- and software.
  • Sophisticated MEMS Control: The Kit software comes with comfortable control applications with multiple possibilities of steering the MEMS mirror. Users can quickly develop own software by just calling API functions from the included SDKs.

  • USB or Battery Powered: Mirrorcle MEMS mirrors and drivers consume such low power that the complete system powers from a laptop’s USB bus power or from a 5VDC battery (in standalone or wireless operation).
  • Fully Mobile Platform: The super compact kit can be easily carried by hand. Supplied from batteries by using Bluetooth it can be controlled remotely by nearly any mobile device (e.g. Android based).
  • Wireless Option: The Bluetooth-based option enables control of the Kit wirelessly via PCs Bluetooth or from other mobile platforms (e.g. Android devices). Please see Figure 1 and Figure 2.
  • Synchronize Multiple MEMS Mirrors: USB MEMS Controllers can be synchronized through a wire-connection such that one Controller can source the sample clock for one or more additional Controllers or simply provide a start trigger.  Several MEMS mirror can be running in parallel with synchronous position control.
  • Facilitate Multiple IOs: The controller provides X and Y axis MEMS driver outputs, as well as 8 with the MEMS mirror movement synchronized digital outputs, e.g. to trigger or control peripherals. Additionally two external analog signals between -10V to 10V can the sampled by the system.
  • Modular Design of MEMS Controller: 16-bit precision MEMS drivers designed specifically for Mirrorcle MEMS mirrors are embedded in the kit. This modular concept can later easily be integrated into customers’ systems.
  • AutoRun Functionality: USB-SL Controller Firmware includes the option to save user’s customized hardware parameters as well as customized content (e.g. waveforms) in on-board Flash memory.  User can also select to have the unit auto-run the content on power-up.  Therefore, MEMS mirrors can be utilized with a customized beam steering control even without user / software involvement! 

4-Quadrant Development Kit 4-Quadrant Development Kit
Figure 1. A development kit is connected to a laptop via Bluetooth.


Figure 2. A development kit, connected to a laptop or an Android device via Bluetooth, is running wirelessly.


Development Kit Demo 2

Figure 3. Two development kits are connected to a single laptop and running simultaneously. On the right
is a kit with a green 532nm laser, and on the left is a kit with a red 630nm laser.

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